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Terms and Conditions for Individuals

1. Top up Talent is an introduction agency, introducing businesses to individuals, such as housekeepers / cleaners. F Shore Consultancy Limited, company number 09051236 is trading as Top up Talent.

2. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, individuals registered with Top up Talent and offered shifts as housekeepers / cleaners through Top up Talent are referred to as Individuals and businesses who contract with Top up Talent for the purpose of being introduced to housekeepers / cleaners through Top up Talent are referred to as Businesses.

3. Top up Talent is an introduction agency, introducing Individuals (such as housekeepers / cleaners) to Businesses. Top up Talent is not employing Individuals, neither does Top up Talent guarantee work. Shifts will be offered to Individuals who are registered with Top up Talent and Individuals have the option to accept or reject each shift.

4. By registering with Top up Talent you confirm that the information you have provided as part of the registration process is correct, particularly your right to work in the UK. Top up Talent will carry out independent checks to confirm your suitability for the platform, including contacting the business / person you have provided as a reference.

5. You are responsible for declaring all of the income earned through Top up Talent to HMRC and for paying any national insurance contributions and income tax. For further information about being self-employed and declaring your income, please click on:

6. Registration to Top up Talent for an Individual is free of charge. You may leave Top up Talent at any time by emailing

7. Shifts will be offered to Individuals when they are matched through the platform. The Individual will respond to the request as soon as possible. Requests that are not responded to within 24 hours will be offered to other Individuals.

8. Individuals are expected to complete the shifts to the best of their abilities. Businesses are asked to review all Individuals after a shift. Should Individuals receive complaints about their work Top up Talent will share this with the Individual and provide support as to how to improve for future shifts. Should the Individual’s work not improve Top up Talent reserves the right to remove that Individual from the platform. In case of any dispute English law shall apply.

9. Top up Talent expects the Individual to turn up to a shift they have accepted. If there is a reason why an Individual can no longer attend a shift previously accepted (i.e. illness), the Individual must let Top up Talent know immediately through emailing with the shift date, time and Business in the subject line. An Individual may send a substitute for the shift as long as the substitute is registered on the Top up Talent platform and the Individual has let Top up Talent know in advance if someone else will be attending on their behalf.

10. Top up Talent accepts no responsibility for a Business's acts or omissions except where these could reasonably have been identifiable from the Top up Talent onboarding procedure. Should an Individual have an accident whilst at a Business having been introduced to them by Top up Talent, the Individual should claim again the Business's Employers Liability insurance. The Individual should also make Top up Talent aware of the incidence by emailing

11. Payment will be from the Business after the shift has been completed based on the amount agreed when the Individual accepted the shift. The Individual is responsible for covering any expenses associated with getting to / from the shift and undertaking the work. The Business will provide all cleaning products, equipment and supplies. All shifts will adhere to the UK minimum wage.

12. Individuals on Top up Talent accept that we may communicate with them by email, text message or phone in relation to any matter concerning shifts offered and accepted by the Individual and periodically with news about Top up Talent’s services. Top up Talent will keep your email address, phone number and other personal data confidential at all times.
Please see our separate Privacy Policy for further information.