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Terms and Conditions for Businesses

1. Top up Talent is an introduction agency, introducing businesses to individuals, such as housekeepers / cleaners. F Shore Consultancy Limited, company number 09051236 is trading as Top up Talent.

2. For the purposes of these Terms and Conditions, individuals registered with Top up Talent and offered shifts as housekeepers / cleaners through Top up Talent are referred to as Individuals and businesses who contract with Top up Talent for the purpose of being introduced to housekeepers / cleaners through Top up Talent are referred to as Businesses.


3. Top up Talent acts as an introduction and booking agency providing carefully vetted and experienced housekeepers / cleaners, Top up Talent does not employ the housekeepers / cleaners booked by Businesses.

4. Top up Talent carefully checks housekeepers / cleaners when they register with the platform including undertaking identity checks; a personal interview; and contacting a minimum of one recent employment reference.

5. The Business accepts that no amount of reference checking can provide a guarantee of future performance by individual housekeepers / cleaners. Top up Talent cannot be held accountable for negligence on the part of an Individual who has provided Top up Talent with satisfactory references except where reasonable care has not been taken in the reference checking process or where Top up Talent has failed to take note of other information received concerning the Individual’s past performance. Top up Talent will not share references with Businesses.

6. Top up Talent will always use its best endeavours to fill a booking providing a minimum of twenty-four hours' notice is given. The Business accepts that Individuals on Top up Talent are free agents and Top up Talent is not able to require any particular Individual to work at any time or for any particular Business.


7. It is free to sign-up to Top up Talent. The Business only pays once a shift has been completed. The Business is responsible for paying the Individual (cleaner / housekeeper) at the end of the shift the amount agreed. If the shift is shorter or longer than anticipated this must be agreed with the cleaner / housekeeper and the agreed hourly rate used.

8. As well as paying the Individual, the Business agrees to pay Top up Talent a booking fee per matched shift. A shift has a scheduled start and finish time for a defined shift length as requested by the Business. The Business can request multiple housekeepers / cleaners for the same time period, and each one will incur a booking fee. The current booking fee is £17.99 each time an Individual is matched to a single shift. Invoices will be sent on a monthly basis for any shifts completed in that month, payable to through Top up Talent to F Shore Consultancy.

9. If the Business changes the start date, start time, or shift length no additional fee is payable if the booking has not yet been filled and confirmed to you by email. However, if the booking has already been filled, an administration fee of £5 will be incurred, provided your booked Individual is able to accommodate the change. If your booked individual is unable to accommodate the change, Top up Talent will endeavour to find you an alternative Individual and a further booking fee of £17.99 will be payable once we are able to refill your booking.

10. Booking fees are inclusive of VAT at the prevailing rate. Top up Talent will give the Business a minimum of 30 days' notice of any change in membership or booking fees via our website, unless such a change is due to a change in VAT.


11. In registering with Top up Talent the Business agrees not to approach Individuals provided by Top up Talent for employment (permeant or temporary). If a Business wishes to employ a specific Individual originally introduced by Top up Talent on a long term or regular basis, then Top up Talent should be notified in advance. If such an arrangement is to be made Top up Talent will charge an introduction fee. If a Business is found to have made an offer of employment to an Individual the Business will be liable in damages to Top up Talent to compensate Top up Talent in respect of all past present and future losses which Top up Talent suffers by reason of any breach of the undertaking above to a maximum sum of £1,000.

12. The Business is responsible for ensuring the Individual clearly understands what is required during the shift. Information provided by the Business, such as how to access the property, where the linen, cleaning products and other supplies are, will be shared with the housekeepers / cleaners in advance of the shift. In addition to providing all cleaning products for the shift, the Business also needs to provide hoovers, mops and other equipment that may be needed for the shift.

13. The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (or COSHH) is the UK law that requires all employers to control the risks from harmful substances. As the Business, you need to ensure that the chemicals you provide the Individuals are handled, stored and used safely so that they don’t cause harm to you, the Individuals provided by Top up Talent and your customers. Should special training be required to use the chemicals provided by the Business, this should be notified to Top up Talent and all training provided to individuals when they first arrive at the Business premises.

14. The Business agrees to treat all Individuals provided by Top up Talent with respect as they would treat any permanent employee. The Business should be aware that Individuals are asked for feedback on Businesses to ensure the work requested during a shift is realistic and achievable.

15.  Top up Talent has no responsibility for an Individual’s acts or omissions except where these could reasonably have been identifiable from the Top up Talent onboarding procedure.

16. If during a shift, any accidental damage occurs to the Business's property or possessions, Top up Talent must be informed immediately by emailing stating what was damaged together with supporting photographic evidence. Individuals are covered by Public Liability insurance provided through Hiscox to F Shore Consultancy Ltd. It is the Business’s responsibility to ensure they have Employers Liability insurance for Individuals.

17. While an Individual is providing services for a Business from an introduction made by Top up Talent the Business undertakes to reimburse Top up Talent fully for all costs, claims, damages, and liabilities whatsoever arising from the Business's wrong doing or negligence.

18. In the event that an Individual is booked and for reasons beyond Top up Talent’s control the Individual cancels at short notice or fails to arrive at the appointed time Top up Talent will use its best endeavours to find another Individual for the Business. In the event that it is not possible to refill the booking no booking fee will be charged.

19. Top up Talent is not responsible for any loss suffered as a result of the Individual’s failure to keep the appointment except where Top up Talent has failed to use reasonable care in confirming the details of the appointment with the Individual.

20. Businesses registered with Top up Talent accept that we may communicate with them by email, text message or phone in relation to any matter concerning shifts made by the Business and periodically with news about Top up Talent’s services. Apart from in the course of arranging your housekeeping / cleaning provision Top up Talent will keep your email address, phone number and other personal data confidential at all times. Please see our separate Privacy Policy for further information.

21. Should you have a complaint about an Individual provided by Top up Talent, you must notify the Top up Talent team by emailing within 24 hours of the end of shift. Top up Talent will aim to respond within 2 days of receiving your complaint and where possible, will provide you with a date to remedy any issues raised. In case of any dispute English law shall apply.